My coaching philosophy

My core assumption is that you are in principle able to solve your problem yourself. 

Coaching is a method to enable you to do this and help you to find your, very individual, right solution.

Successful coaching means for me to support you in a way, so that you can free up your energy and use your own resources in a better way. I am not an omniscient expert, who can solve every problem and knows everything better. Rather, I think you can do it yourself - with my support!

I have a broad repertoire of methods, a big part of it is based on systemic thinking, but I’m also using elements from other models. This allows me to choose the method that best suits your personality and your specific challenge.

My work is characterized by the following basic principles:

  • Positive appreciation & acceptance: There are no "stupid" or false statements - I accept your subjective reality, but do allow me to question your views in an appreciative manner.
  • I believe in your ability! I do not believe in unsolvable problems and it is important to me to share this positive and trusting attitude with you.
  • You will get my full attention, but I am also attentive to my own feelings. I avoid evaluations and take all information with sincere interest.


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