Course of the coaching

An important prerequisite for a successful coaching is a good personal fit between coach and client. Otherwise, it will be impossible to build a trustful and viable coaching relationship. Therefore, my coa­chings start with a pre-meeting. This meeting is free of charge for you.

I’ll explain my coaching approach, we’ll check the personal fit, clarify the framework conditions (when, where, budget) and define a first, very rough target for the coaching process.

If we are both positive after the pre-meeting, the actual coaching process begins. The coaching sessions usually last between one and a half and three hours, time and place are agreed individually. The frequency of the coaching sessions is also agreed on individually – usually it is good to have two or three weeks between two coaching sessions. Depending on the subject and the urgency of the matter, however, it may be necessary to agree on shorter or longer intervals between the individual coaching sessions.

The coaching also works between the sessions, usually every coaching session ends with a "homework", in which you implement the insights gained from the coaching process. The duration of the entire coaching process varies depending on the topic. Smaller changes will typically require three to five sessions, while more complex topics may require eight to ten sessions.