Target group

My target group are mainly executives.

My main focus is on coaching executives who are in a dynamic and complex environment and who are confronted with high demands on their own leadership style.

In the past, the executive was the expert in his or her area of ​​responsibility and he or she always knew the right solution. The main leadership task was to motivate and guide employees to find and implement the right solution as well.

This leadership model reaches its limits beyond a certain level of dynamic and complexity of the corporate environment. Today, the leader is not necessarily the one who knows the right solution.

Instead of efficiently implementing known goals, it's about dynamic steering. Fast answers to unknown developments have to be found. The leadership task is to empower employees, foster their self-organization and create a learning and error culture that allows employees to reach their full potential. This requires new skills from the executives, e.g. Systemic thinking, the ability to look at a topic from different perspectives, organizational development know-how and the ability to integrate different points of view.

All these skills are fostered through coaching.

These and other leadership topics are the main focus of my coaching. But of course, I also support you in other topics, like improving your work-life balance, career development or reorientation, resolving conflicts or increasing your self-management skills.

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